Liposculpture (also known as lipoplasty or liposuction) is the removal of fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles, most usually performed on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, and back. The introduction of tumescent local anaesthesia offers greater safety and patient comfort, by more effectively preparing the tissue for treatment. These innovations have made the tumescent filtration and suction processes more efficient, creating a faster procedure that is much better tolerated by patients.

Procedures requiring tumescent infiltration can be performed with ease utilizing an Infiltration Pump with improved patient safety and comfort during and after the procedure. These products are widely used for liposuction procedures, with a variety of cannulas and tubing to adjust procedures to the patient’s individual needs and location of treatment. In addition to the technical products available, providers can also find liposuction accessories such as positioning pillows, compression garments and dressings.

Tumescent local anaesthesia provides enhancement to the patient experience during a wide range of medical and aesthetic procedures. The Surgical Aspirator and Klein Infiltration Pump from HK Surgical are specifically designed for liposuction procedures. Additionally, a wide range of products including cannulas and tubing are available that provide ample choice for providers in addressing specific needs and treatment areas.

  • The Klein Pump delivers high volumes of tumescent anaesthesia, therefore maximizing patient comfort and reducing physician infiltration time.
  • The HK Surgical Aspirator Pump offers superior high-speed powered suction performance and is designed for powerful performance with minimal noise.


HK Aspiration Pump

High-speed powered suction performance