Lack of sensation is a common condition with a profound effect on women’s well-being. Sensation treatment improves women’s sexual health and overall quality of life. Symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy are generally progressive over time due to the natural decline of the hormone estrogen with age. This leads to a range of common but bothersome medical conditions. Vaginal laxity is the most reported physical change post-childbirth, and causes a profound loss of pleasurable sensation and satisfaction during intercourse.

Historically, treatment options have been limited. Today however, cutting edge treatments are available. A unique new treatment is now available in Australia, encouraging the production of new collagen growth for tissue tightening and strengthening. Nearly one in two women surveyed reported concern with laxity and would be positively motivated to seek treatment if given the opportunity. Comfortable, discreet and quick - treatment is delivered in a single-session where patients have expressed they can FEEL the difference.

The importance of validated clinical evidence for the Geneveve treatment cannot be overstated. Establishing a benchmark for energy device treatments in women’s health, Geneveve by Viveve is the only treatment tested in a large-scale, multicentre sham-controlled study. The study assessed the effect the treatment had on women suffering from the changes their bodies underwent after vaginal childbirth.

Those who received the active treatment were 3 times as likely to report no vaginal laxity at 6 months as opposed to those who had the placebo treatment. 93% of those in the active group achieved statistically significant improvements in sexual function.


MCL31 Juliet

The MCL-31 is a state of the art Erbium laser system