Mediostar Next Pro

Mediostar Next Pro

Country of origin: Germany
Treat a male back in 5 minutes with the MeDioStar NeXT Pro hair removal laser.

  • Virtually pain free in Smooth Pulse mode
  • Over 10 million shots
  • Treat all skin types, I-VI
  • Treat lightly tanned skin
  • Ensure patient comfort with the Peltier cooling chip – more effective at cooling than standard sapphire system
  • No consumables
  • Ability to perform skin rejuvenation

NeXT Pro gives you an edge in the competitive hair removal market. Treat anyone who walks through your doors with speed, comfort, and results with this highly versatile system.

Treatments: Skin Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, Fine Lines & Wrinkles


The MeDioStar Next Pro is driven by 2400 W of power and the largest spot size on the market with the XLL at 9.1cm2. Combined with the Smooth Pulse mode treating at 12Hz, as a practitioner you are able to deliver clinical results for ALL skin types with speed, and as customer looking for a hair removal treatment, you are sure to have results in a lunchtime treatment, without pain.

The NeXT Pro is able to target darker skin types and tanned skin, without discomfort, thanks to the Smooth Pulse mode. In this setting, the handpiece glides over the skin and delivers lower fluence at a higher repetition, resulting in an accumulation of heat build-up necessary to destroy the hair bulb, without delivering the full energy in one ‘stamping’ motion. As a practitioner you are able to treat more people walking into your clinic, at any time of the year, and do so without the pain. As the handpieces are fitted with a Peltier contact cooling system that cools down the skin immediately prior to emitting the pulse, the NeXT Pro ensures patient comfort.

The NeXT Pro brings your clinic more options and ability to treat with additional handpieces. Target fine and lighter hair for lighter skin types with the Alex handpiece, treating at 755nm. The Standard handpiece at 1.4cm2 gives the practitioner the ability to treat smaller areas such as the upper lip and bikini line, and can also perform treatments for acne and skin rejuvenation. The Vascular handpiece emitting a 940nm wavelength is particularly effective with leg veins, Hemangiomas, telangiectasia and other vascular lesions. The High Power handpiece at 90 Joules/cm2 is especially effective for thin, fine, light coloured hair.

LaserHigh power diode laser
Laser class 4
Wavelength 800 - 950 nm
Pulse duration Up to 400 ms
FluenceMax. 60 J/cm² @ Spot 30x10 mm (XLS)
Max. 20 J/cm² @ Spot 38x24 mm (XLL)
Max. 44 J/cm² @ Spot 14×10 mm (STD)
Max. 90 J/cm² @ Spot 8×6 mm (HP)
Max. 210 J/cm² @ Spot 4×3 mm (VAS)
Delivery Fiber bundle array, sapphire tip
Frequency Up to 12 Hz
Dimensions36.5 x 60 x 46 cm (W x H x D)
Power supply 100/120/220/230/240 VAC switchable, 50/60 Hz
WeightApprox. 35 kg

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