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Unleash the Power of Precision with the Pro Yellow Laser: Elevate Your Medical Practice. Introducing the Pro Yellow Laser, your gateway to precision laser technology and the pinnacle of medical aesthetics. With a wealth of advanced features and exceptional specifications, this laser is set to revolutionize your medical practice, enhancing the lives of both you and your patients.


Vascular Facial

Skin Rejuvenation


Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Key Features & Benefits

  • Precision and Power

  • Backed by Scientific Validation

  • Versatile Applications

  • Scientific Validation

  • Precision Targeting

  • Customizable Spot Size

  • Clinical Versatility

  • Integrated Cooling

Precision and Power

The Pro Yellow Laser is engineered to deliver outstanding precision and power. Its unique 577 nm wavelength ensures precise targeting, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of medical procedures.

Backed by Scientific Validation

Our laser is not just a device; it’s a product of extensive research and development. We take pride in providing you with a solution that has been rigorously tested and validated through scientific research papers.

Versatile Applications

The Pro Yellow Laser is your versatile partner in aesthetics and medicine. It offers a wide range of applications, from vascular treatments to pigmented lesion therapy, tattoo removal, and more.

Scientific Validation

Experience the confidence that comes with a laser backed by scientific research. The Pro Yellow Laser has been featured in numerous scientific research papers, substantiating its efficacy and safety.

Precision Targeting

The unique 577 nm wavelength allows for precise targeting of pigment and vascular concerns, resulting in highly effective treatments.

Customizable Spot Size

Tailor your treatments with a customizable spot size, ensuring that every procedure is fine-tuned to perfection.

Clinical Versatility

From addressing pigmented lesions to tattoo removal and beyond, the Pro Yellow Laser expands the range of services you can offer in your medical practice.

Integrated Cooling

Integrated cooling technology enhances patient comfort during treatments.

Technical Specifications

Laser Type: Advanced solid-state laser
Wavelength: 577 nm
Energy Output: Adjustable, delivering up to 600 mJ
Pulse Duration: Ultra-short, measured in nanoseconds
Spot Size: Customizable for precision
Cooling System: Integrated cooling technology for enhanced patient comfort

Pro Yellow

Elevate your Aesthetic Practice

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