Introducing the Alpha Device by Device Consulting: Your Ultimate Solution for Aesthetic Treatments. Originating from Israel, the Alpha Device is a cutting-edge fusion of 3D IPL and Diode Laser technologies, revolutionizing the world of clinical aesthetics.

From hair removal to pigmentation correction, rosacea treatment, facial telangiectasia reduction, and poikiloderma management, the Alpha Device has you covered. Explore the endless possibilities!


Pigmentation Correction

Rosacea Treatment

Facial Telangiectasia Reduction

Poikiloderma Management


Key Features & Benefits

  • Treatment Versatility

  • Increased ROI

  • 3D IPL

  • Clinical Excellence

  • The Ultimate Aesthetic Powerhouse

  • Unique IPL Treatment Modes

  • Single Mode

  • Double Mode

  • Fast & Painless Mode

  • 3D IPL Technology for Precision

Treatment Versatility

Boasting a remarkable repertoire of over 22 clinical indications, the Alpha Device enables you to offer a wide range of treatments.

Increased ROI

With the Alpha Device, you get multiple treatments in one device, maximizing your return on investment.


Covering a spectrum from 430nm to 1200nm, and featuring a Diode Laser at 808nm, the Alpha Device is the epitome of advanced technology.

Clinical Excellence

Elevate your clinic to new heights with the two most sought-after technologies integrated into a single, state-of-the-art system.

The Ultimate Aesthetic Powerhouse

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is the cornerstone of various phototherapy treatments, while the 808nm diode laser is revered as the gold standard for hair removal. The Alpha Device stands as one of the pioneering devices to seamlessly merge these essential technologies into a single, cohesive system. By doing so, it empowers clinics to provide a comprehensive suite of the most in-demand medical aesthetic procedures in one streamlined device.

Unique IPL Treatment Modes

The Alpha Device offers diverse treatment modes that prioritize reliability, reproducibility, and patient comfort.

Single Mode

Achieve maximum damage to the target in a single pulse, ensuring effective treatment.

Double Mode

Divide the total pulse energy into two consecutive pulses, offering gradual heating and reduced discomfort, without compromising clinical efficacy.

Fast & Painless Mode

Experience virtually painless hair removal treatments at an astonishing speed of up to 10 pulses per second.

3D IPL Technology for Precision

While contact cooling safeguards the skin and enhances treatment comfort, it can sometimes lead to overcooling, diminishing effectiveness. Enter the Alpha Device with its groundbreaking 3D IPL technology, granting users precise control over contact cooling temperature to avoid overcooling. The 3D IPL technology introduces a new dimension of treatment precision and efficacy.


Elevate your Aesthetic Practice

Hair removal is a cornerstone service for all clinics. Whether it’s a significant part of your clinic’s offerings or not, it holds undeniable importance: boost clinic foot traffic, foster loyalty and minimize customer attrition, opportunity for upselling: Hair removal typically requires 6-8 sessions, creating multiple chances to offer clients additional treatments.

Elevate your clinic’s capabilities and success with the Alpha Device by Device Consulting. Contact us today to transform your clinic into a hub of aesthetic excellence.

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