Bromhidrosis, also known as osmidriosis or body odour, is the unpleasant smell produced specifically by the apocrine sweat glands that begin development in puberty. The odour is produced from normal skin bacteria breaking down the sweat secretions. Bromhidrosis is a chronic condition in which excessive odour can substantially impair a person's daily activities and quality of life.

Until now treatment options have been extremely limited and unsuccessful. Antiperspirants are first line treatments in the management of body odour. These aim to reduce both the volume of sweating and also contain antibacterial properties. Other available treatment options including long term drugs which are carefully prescribed, frequent iontophoresis treatments, and regular and expensive toxin injections. Surgery carries high risk matched with low reward.

miraDry is the first treatment for sweat and odour that offers lifelong results. The device uses concentrated microwave energy to non-invasively eliminate sweat glands in the armpit. The treated sweat glands that cause odour do not grow back, providing the patient with lasting results for this embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. A published study showed that miraDry was effective in treating both axillary sweat and axillary odour. Among those underarms that exhibited osmidriosis, 93.8% showed good to excellent results.



No sweat, no odour, no hair – the complete underarm solution