One of the fastest and highest-powered Pico lasers on the market

PicoStar employs 2.5 GW of power to generate ultra-short pulses below 300 picoseconds for the most effective treatment of pigments, multi-coloured tattoos, and unique effect on skin tone & texture.

Treatments – Acne scarring, Melasma, Pigment dermal, Pigment epidermal, Rejuvenation and Anti Ageing, Fine lines wrinkles, Laser toning, Scarring, Skin rejuvenation, Skin tightening, Tattoo removal, Vascular – Rosacea.


Full range of aesthetic procedures in one device

Why PicoStar


Highest energy and shortest pulses

Homogeneous spot

Automatic spot detection

No pre-pulses

No consumables


Nd:YAG, class 4


532, 1064 nm


Max. 800 mJ


Max. 2.7 GW

Pulse duration

300 ps


0.5 – 10 Hz

Size, Weight

42 x 116 x 106 cm3 , approx. 160 Kg

Spot size

Zoom ST: 2 – 5 mm Ø
Flat-Top 1064: 16; 10 mm Ø
Flat-Top 532: 3; 5 mm Ø
MicroSpot: 7 x 7 mm2

Intuitive operation

Full range of handpieces

Zoom ST handpiece

Thin and lightweight handpiece

Modern and ergonomic design

Automatic spot size detection

Rotating bezel makes it easy to change the spot size

Adjustable fluence for different spot sizes

Stainless steel for easy use and cleaning

IPL – Unique treatment modes

Homogeneous spots for 1064 nm and 532 nm.

Biggest homogeneous spot available on the market for 1064 nm (16 mm).

Precise laser beam for peeling and treatment of pigmented lesions

MicroSpot PICO hanpiece

Spot size of 7x7 mm2 with 64 single spots for 1064 nm.

Homogeneous spot with equal energy in every single spot helps to treat the skin consistently.

Precise and gentle laser beam for skin rejuvenation with a short downtime for the patients.

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