Syrus v900l


Discover Precision and Excellence with the Syris V900L Laser Device: Elevate Your Medical Practice. Introducing the Syris V900L Laser Device, your passport to precision and cutting-edge laser technology. At the forefront of medical aesthetics, this remarkable device combines advanced features with exceptional specifications to redefine excellence in your medical practice.


Texture & Clarity


Key Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled Precision

  • Scientific Validation

  • Versatile Applications

  • Research Papers

  • Unmatched Precision

  • Customizable Spot Size

  • Clinical Versatility

  • Integrated Cooling

Unparalleled Precision

The Syris V900L Laser Device is designed to deliver unmatched precision. With a wavelength of 980 nm, it offers precise targeting for a wide range of medical procedures.

Scientific Validation

Our laser device isn’t just another tool; it’s the result of extensive research and development. We take pride in providing you with a solution backed by scientific research papers, ensuring its efficacy and safety.

Versatile Applications

The Syris V900L Laser Device is your versatile companion in both aesthetics and medicine. It offers a diverse range of applications, from minimally invasive surgery to vascular treatments and beyond.

Research Papers

The Syris V900L Laser Device has been featured in numerous scientific research papers, affirming its effectiveness and safety.

Unmatched Precision

With a 980 nm wavelength, the Syris V900L offers precise targeting for a wide range of medical procedures.

Customizable Spot Size

Tailor your treatments with a customizable spot size, ensuring precision and efficiency in every procedure.

Clinical Versatility

From minimally invasive surgery to vascular treatments and beyond, the Syris V900L Laser Device expands the range of services you can offer in your medical practice.

Integrated Cooling

Integrated cooling technology enhances patient comfort during treatments.

Technical Specifications

Laser Type: State-of-the-art diode laser
Wavelength: 980 nm
Energy Output: Adjustable, offering up to 15 W
Pulse Duration: Ultra-short, measured in milliseconds
Spot Size: Customizable for precision
Cooling System: Integrated cooling technology for enhanced patient comfort

Syrus v900l

Elevate your Aesthetic Practice

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