Country of origin: Israel
Non-ablative fractional skin rejuvenation system utilising PURE HEAT

  • Treat entire face
  • Treat eyelids, peri-orbital rim, neck, décolleté safely
  • Multiple treatments – crow’s feet, open pores, acne, stretch marks…
  • CO2/Erbium like results, without the pain and downtime
  • NO RADIATION – no laser, no RF, just PURE HEAT
  • Small, portable, compact, yet powerful

Mezotix is a game-changer. Offer results seen only with laser, without the price tag, pain and downtime.

Treatments: Texture / Clarity, Stretch Marks, Skin Rejuvenation, Melasma, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Acne Scarring


Mezotix heats a 1cm2 tip with an array of 81 tiny pyramids to 400C. Once the tip briefly protrudes onto the skin non-invasively, thermal energy is transferred to the upper layers, creating micro-pores. Protrusion depth and exposure time can be manually set ranging from 0 downtime to 1 day downtime. As the tip is heated to 400C, the tip is constantly sterile, meaning zero transfer of bacteria across the treatment area.

Because Mezotix doesn’t emit radiation or harmful light, treatment around the eyes and the eyelids is now possible without eye protection! Tightening the delicate skin in this area produces excellent results with crow’s feet, eyelid lines and bunny lines, creating a truly noticeable, younger look.

For clinics wanting to provide fractional ablative like results without the price tag of a CO2 laser, Mezotix gives you a competitive edge. You are able to offer true long term results whilst charging a similar price to ablative treatments. Mezotix gives you the opportunity to grow your clinic.

Energy Type Direct heating
Tip Material Titanium
Tip Coverage Area 1 cm2 Standard Tip, 0.3 cm2 Periorbital 4.5 kg
Handpiece Weight 330 grams
System Dimensions (w/o HP) L 26 x W 24 x H 24 (cm)
System Weight (w/o HP) 4.5 kg
Operating Voltage 100-240 VAC ±10% 5A 50/60Hz

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