Skin Infusion

Skin Infusion

Skin infusion, also known as ‘open channels’, ‘micro-channels’ and ‘assisted drug delivery,’ is a procedure that fractionally removes the top layer of skin – stratum corneum - in order to make the skin permeable to a range of topical creams and drugs. As the stratum corneum acts as a barrier to prevent substances from entering into the body, once removed, a short window exists where healthy vitamins and topicals can effectively penetrate the skin and deliver excellent results for a wide variety of skin conditions.

Skin infusion can be performed with a variety of different modalities all offering various downtime periods such as C02, Erbium, and skin rollers. Thermo-Mechanical Ablation (TMA) technology offers a new approach. TMA utilises pure heat to gently impact the targeted tissue similarly to fractional CO₂ and erbium lasers, yet with low pain, making analgesic creams unnecessary. Skin remains penetrable for 6 hours - long after the channels have closed with skin rollers - allowing higher infusion post treatment. With Tixel, the non-ablative energy transfers heat to the upper dermis while sparing the epidermis thereby generating permeable channels for transdermal transfer.

Healing is fast and down time short. Tixel can treat delicate skin including the periorbital eye lids, neck, décolletage and back of the hands. Unlike skin rollers, the heat used to create the open channels have the added effect of stimulating new collagen growth at a deeper level, thereby becoming a skin rejuvenation treatment. Some of the substances that have been used for transdermal delivery with Tixel’s unique open channel treatment include kojic acid, tranexamic acid, hyaluronic acid, hydroquinone, and vitamin C (MAP) to name a few.



Minimal downtime skin rejuvenation with CO2 like results